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The All-Star Program

New to GTYSC is the All-Star Program, a specialized soccer initiative tailored for players aged 8 to 12. This is an invite/selected only program available to players from our House League program that have been selected as an 'All-Star Team'. Our program is designed to provide an elevated level of training and development opportunities for young athletes who exhibit advanced skills and a strong dedication to the sport.

Through the All-Star Program, participants receive guidance from seasoned and certified coaches who prioritize the enhancement of technical skills, tactical comprehension, physical fitness, and mental resilience. Our program adheres to a structured curriculum that gradually challenges players to elevate their abilities and achieve their full potential.

Within the All-Star Program at Grimsby Soccer Club, players benefit from a competitive and nurturing environment that fosters individual growth and teamwork. The program encompasses regular training sessions, skill clinics, and enter tournaments against other clubs, offering opportunities to test and refine the players' skills.

The All-Star Program will enter a team in the Grimsby Gateway Tournament. 

In summary, Grimsby Soccer Club's All-Star Program is committed to nurturing the development of young soccer talents and preparing them for higher levels of competition in the future.


Players registered/signed-up for the 2024 summer house league will all be eligible for selection for the All-Star Program. How this works: At the start of the summer season players will be evaluated by multiple coaches. Once the evaluation process has ended, select players will be invited to join the All-Star Program for the respected age group.  

A Lead Coach will also be selected as the All-Star Coach from the House League Program. 


Give your player the opportunity to thrive in soccer by enrolling them in GTYSC’s All-Star Program. With dedicated coaches and tailored training, they’ll develop skills, deepen their understanding of the game, and gain the confidence needed to excel on and off the field.

Players receive additional training with Revolution Soccer coaches 1-2 times a month. Revolution Soccer coaches provide highly technical sessions for our players to develop at their own speed. 

Players on the All-Star Program will get to meet the current Travel Coaches of their age group as well as play exhibition games against the current Travel Team(s). Players also have the ability to be called up for travel team games. 



All-Star focuses on enhancing fundamental soccer skills, such as dribbling, passing, shooting, and ball control. By starting at a young age, participants will build a solid foundation for future growth as a soccer player.


All-Star prioritizes not only individual skill enhancement but also nurtures young players' deeper understanding of the game. Participants gain insights into basic tactics, positioning, and team dynamics, equipping them to make astute decisions on the field and adapt effectively to varying game scenarios.


Through active participation in the program, players undergo a journey of personal success and skill refinement. Bearing witness to their own progress fosters a sense of self-assurance and instills a positive attitude towards the sport. This newfound confidence significantly influences their overall development and enjoyment of soccer.


This program follows the principles of Long-Term Player Development (LTPD), focusing on age-appropriate training and overall physical development. Enrolling in the program provides each player with the essential guidance and support required to advance successfully through the diverse stages of player development.


At Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club, we are dedicated to creating a positive and enjoyable soccer experience for all our club members. Tailored, age-appropriate training sessions coupled with a nurturing environment ensure that every player remains enthusiastic and motivated. When children genuinely relish their soccer experience, they are more inclined to sustain their involvement in the sport, fostering long-term commitment and potential achievement.


As an annual program with more time on the ball, All-Star also comes with a required increased level of commitment. Players will practice twice per week, with a game on the weekend (age dependent). View age specific program outlines below which further explain the benefits and components for each group.


All-Star Program players will be chosen during the 2024 Summer House League Program. 

If you have any questions about the All-Star Program, please email

Please allow 2 business days for a response.


Learn more about GTYSC’s Technical Staff by following this link.

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