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The Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club ensures discipline is administered in compliance with Ontario Soccer policies and Club procedures. An independent discipline panel, certified by the Niagara District Association on behalf of Ontario Soccer, handles the process.


Misconduct is typically reported by the game official. However, it can also be reported through a letter of complaint to GTYSC. Complaints undergo investigation and may result in discipline charges. Complainants must be willing to be identified and appear at any subsequent discipline hearing. Reports should be sent to


Coaches are subject to discipline for inappropriate behavior and may receive cards as per FIFA rules.


Any fines or monetary penalties incurred by the club due to the actions of a player or team are the responsibility of the offending player and/or team. Failure to pay within the specified timeframe will result in the removal of the player and/or team from the league without a refund.


Players and coaches can request a hearing to appeal a dismissal received on the field. The appeal must be submitted within three days of receiving the dismissal and accompanied by a request for a hearing fee ($25.00). Appeals must be made in writing to the GTYSC Discipline Coordinator and sent to


  1. Discipline By Review: Referee reports are reviewed by the Discipline Committee, which renders a decision. Appeals cannot be made after a decision is made through the Discipline By Review process.

  2. Discipline By Hearing: Referee reports are forwarded to the Discipline Committee, which has the authority to call a hearing. Players and coaches must attend the hearing, which may be virtual or in person. Witnesses may be called. Appeals can be made for these cases but must be accompanied by the Request for Appeal fee.

Note: Decisions of the Discipline Committee are final, except in cases where appeals are allowed.


Video evidence is admissible if it adds clarity to the incident in question. However, it cannot be used to provide evidence of referee performance issues.


Admin fee for discipline by review


Admin fee for game appeal


Request for hearing fee

Request for postponement fee



Failure to pay an administration fee by the stipulated date

Failure to bring player book in within 48 hours after discipline review/hearing



Note: Protests related to the Match Official’s interpretation of the Laws of the Game are not accepted.

Note: The Grimsby Town Youth Soccer Club reserves the right to implement changes to fees and penalties regarding Discipline, provided they are incremental to those published.

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